History of Our Dance Studio

how it all began

Dance Studio was founded in 1996 by Scott Jenkins, a dance enthusiast who wanted to extend the art of dancing throughout the area. The following year, we were able to attract more choreographers and instructors to our team, and those people became the basis of our team.

Many of our first students continued to train at Dance Studio for years and they have eventually gained a vast experience in Jazz, Latin, and Contemporary Dance. Also, many of both our students and choreographers were invited by wordlwide-known dance studios and schools.

step by step

As the years went on, we began to outgrow our studio. In 2004, we began seeking an available space to relocate our studio, as expansion of our studio was not possible in either direction. It was then that one of the studio parents and professional architect, Sam Smith, pointed out the immense amount of space above the studio’s eight-foot dropped ceilings.

We renovated the original building into a comfortable waiting lounge for parents with number of training halls for both children and adults. After renovation, our studio reopened in 2010.

Benefits of Training at Dance Studio

We value the opportunity to be part of each of our student's lives. Along with providing the best possible dance training for each student, we encourage positive traits such as high morale, high self esteem, self-pride, responsibility, self discipline, teamwork, concentration, perseverance, and most importantly... the realization that if they work hard, they can achieve their goals.

We believe that our students should be exposed to high quality and excellence in all that they do, and should understand that success in anything lies in not always being the best, but in doing your best! With experienced instructors always available for each of our students, we guarantee to bring out the "very best" in each dancer.

Dance Studio Courses

Dance Studio offers a vast variety of Dance courses to children, teenagers, and adults. Learn Ballet, Breakdance, Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap classes in a fun and positive environment. Dance classes start with preschool and adults can take up dancing too (including Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Contemporary Dance etc). Just pick from our dance styles and then check out our timetable for all our dance class levels and times.

At our group classes, you can experience a fun, diverse group of routines and skill levels with close instruction. You’ll not only add variety and repetition with leading/following skills, you’ll also learn how to fluidly adjust to each person’s unique style.