Dress Code

A student’s dress is a reflection of their discipline and respect for the art form. Placement and line are also paramount in dance. Our dress code allows our teachers to observe and correct the posture and alignment of our students. We ask that students come dressed prepared to dance in the appropriate dress code. Hair needs to be secured and out of the face. No jewelry, watches, or cellphones. Remember loose or dangling jewelry and costumes other than proper dance skirts are a safety hazard and distraction for dancers and are not allowed. Jeans, jean shorts, play clothes, or school clothes are not suitable dance attire as well. Please keep all valuables at home.

Long hair must be tied back in a pony tail for all classes and in a bun for classical ballet. Great news for students of Dance Studio, we always have hair elastics available in our office and in each studio if you forget yours!

These simple rules will not only make your dancing and learning experience unforgettable, they are also necessary so that other students can enjoy their classes.

Non-Compliance with Dress Code

Students who do not comply with the following dress code may not be permitted to participate in class. Remember that in some classes, dress code may vary.

If you have any questions regarding the Dance Studio dress code, please contact us.

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