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Since its opening on August 15, 1996, Dance Studio has become a unique place where teenagers, children, and adults can enjoy the art of dancing.

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As one of the most popular dance centers in California, we are sure that taking part in our classes will allow you to explore the world of dancing and learn the moves and dances you have hardly heard before. Have you always wanted to channel your inner Bollywood star? Or do you gaze dreamily at the giant posters of ballerinas at the New York City Ballet every time you pass Lincoln Center? From donation-based movement classes to dance classes for adults to learning how to strut in heels, there are many ways to get your groove on.


We strive to create a weekly class schedule that provides great class options and combinations for our students, while taking into consideration various factors including teacher availability, studio availability, and student/class conflicts.

We are confident that you will be able to find the classes that you are interested in at times that fit your personal or family schedule! As always, our dance classes and workshops are subject to change, pending enrollment. Fall classes commence Monday, September 12th!